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100 Club Photo Gallery Now Available 31 Jan 2015

We think it was worth waiting for so go here to see our Photo Gallery of the Aynsley Lister/Little Devils/Stark gig at the 100 Club on Tuesday night. It might not be up to John Bull or Jon Cook's standards but hopefully this WRC collage will give you a feel as to what a great night it was. Thanks also to Kelly Davis who contacted us to say "Thanks so much for giving Stark such a great review. They've had a pretty amazing time this week - Skegness on Sunday, Haven Club in Oxford on Monday and the 100 Club on Tuesday! Paul Stiles will be also running a feature on them in the March issue of 'Blues in Britain'!" You're welcome Kelly and by the way, given the last minute switch of 'Joe's Story' as 'Video Of The Day' - the new Little Devils 100 Club vid has now been carried over till tomorrow :-(


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