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Wrinklystock V - Limehouse Lizzy + U2 Tribe

Saturday 26th November 2016

Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford

It was cold outside but things soon warmed up when the guys of U2 Tribe came onto the stage. With great energy and presence, they really captured that U2 authentic sound from the first note of the iconic song 'Elevation'. Dave Frawley certainly did justice to Bono as the frontman, admirably backed by David Holmes playing the unmistakable Strat, Darren Hillborn on drums, and Paul McManus on bass. The great U2 hits rolled out, played with passion and energy, and like many in the audience I couldn't help but sing along. To raise money for the Wrinklystock V charities Celebrations Theatrical Group and the Carlton Centre, each song was sponsored. Big thanks to all the sponsors who chose the songs, then as the set list was absolutely brilliant encompassing all the fantastic U2 hits from the early days to more recent times. I've got to admit that I had forgotten how many amazing hits U2 have produced, and U2 tribe's stirring performance took us all on a journey back through time from the early eighties to the early noughties. The hits rolled on. 'Beautiful Day', 'Hold Me Kill Me'.

I think all in the house assisted U2 Tribe with the vocals on 'Desire'. ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday' was one of the early songs. First played live in 1982 I believe. I don't think it is a particularly easy song to perform well, but U2 Tribe really did it justice. A bit of a contrast with very much later 'Vertigo' which U2 Tribe delivered with equal ease. We were all really getting into the U2 mood when all too soon the guys were performing their last number 'With or Without You'. Great thanks to U2 Tribe for a memorable set, and to the following for their great song choices in support of the charities. Elevation - Stephen Jones, Beautiful Day - AJ's Dad, Hold Me Kill Me - Wrinkly the Elder, New Year's Day - Wrinkly the Silver, Angel of Harlem - Ian & Lyndsey, Desire - Sunday Bloody Sunday – Colin, Vertigo – AJ, One - Mark O'Donovan, Pride - Chris Jones, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - June Hewitt & Chris Armiger, Streets Have No Name - Gill J, With Or Without You - Steve Potter.


Being a fan of Thin Lizzy for a very long time, Limehouse Lizzy do a great job of keeping the music alive. From the moment they came onto stage to the moment they left and the end of the show it was high energy and great Rock music. They started the show with triple bill of hits ‘Jailbreak’ closely followed by ‘The Rocker’ and then slowed it down a bit with a rendition of ‘Wildone’. Lead singer Wayne then said that here at Dartford there were no rockers! “Are there any rockers here?”, a shout went up from the audience, “so I guess there is” he said. Then the band went into ‘Bad Reputation’ and ‘Johnny the Fox’, Tim did a quick change of guitar and on with two great Lizzy songs ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Suicide’ the hits were coming like a machine gun to your ears! Every now and then Wayne took a break to speak to the crowds that were rocking to the music, and I must say there was very little room between the front of the crowds and the stage. The hits of Lizzy were a treat to any Lizzy fan in fact I was enjoying the music so much that I nearly forgot that I was meant to be taking pictures of the whole thing.

Wayne (also bass), Tim Read (guitar), Greg Alcock (Guitar) and Lee Morris (Drums) were on top form the whole evening and did Phil and the boys proud with a great show of Thin Lizzy music and I must say, I like the crowds that were there, really appreciated the evening. Wayne then asked if there was anyone in the audience with a little Irish in them. The crowd whooped then asked if there was anyone out there would like a little more? The house lights bathed the stage in a green glow ‘Emerald’ one of my favourites and after that straight into ‘Don’t Believe A Word’. They finished the evening with ‘Cowboy Song’ and ‘Boys Are Back In Town’ - what a great gig, what a great show. The guys went off stage with the sound of the crowd, but no it was not over yet as the crowd shouted and stomped until they came back on stage, the encore was three of the best ‘Me And The Boys’, ‘Rosalie’ and of course it had to be ‘Whisky In The Jar’. Are Limehouse Lizzy good? A resounding YES! And would not hesitate to go to see them again. A Big thanks to AJ and Colin of the Wrinkly Rockers Club for putting the event on, and we are already looking forward to Wrinklystock VI.


The Rocker


Bad Reputation

Johnny The Fox


Do Anything You Want

Killer On The Loose


Angel Of Death

Waiting For An Alibi
Are You Ready?

Cold Sweat


Don't Believe A Word

Out In The Fields

Cowboy Song
Boy Are Back In Town


Me And The Boys


Whisky In The Jar


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