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UK Blues Awards

Thursday 25th April 2024

The Stables, Milton Keynes

The UK Blues fraternity, the flock, a family no less, rode up, hitched up and swaggered into Middle England’s saloon, with intent to drink the Blues bar dry, (maybe some did?). Familiar faces, familiar names and familiar nominations bedecked the twelve voteable categories in this year’s UK Blues gong laden annual festivities.

Aside from these twelve, there were an additional four special Federation granted glass trophies. One of these was bestowed on the late Steve ‘Beastie’ and was a poignant early moment in this evening’s proceedings. This and one other highlight, a special moment, stood loud and proud and respectful above the general melee, rapport, banter, gushing acceptances and gaps in proceedings that entwined during the three hour plus event. There was also ‘live’ music from some of the feted.

I mention two moments. These two shining moments were interlinked with a common factor, driven by general daily life that we all could fall foul of. Steve was a generous and gregarious man, but succumbed quickly to the cloak he was made to wear. A respectful award for a respectful person. The other moment came mid-evening when Matt Long was invited to say a few words. Matt also currently wears the same cloak as Steve but is in the process of putting this back on the hanger, back on the rail. Given the support he has then mightily achievable. (I wish him much sentiment.)

Paul Jones MC’d. The sixty nom’s were regaled, the twelve golden envelopes opened, and the single name revealed. Only one artist secured two awards, one sixth of this evening’s available quota. A worthy choice and their night. Two other awards, another sixth quota, were granted to board members of the committee behind this evening’s plaudit festival. This left two thirds (just eight) of the available fine glass trophies to be liberally granted elsewhere, and they were.

No great surprises, but all worthy winners, many sequentially carrying on from last year's ceremony and some from the previous years to that trophy cabinet collection. Well done. However, one of last night’s gongs unfortunately received a bit of a ‘Chip & Pin’ moment before it could be placed on the mantle piece, but now carries the lasting memory mark from the shoot-out at the ‘O.K. Corral’.

I can’t fault this evening for those involved, those close and Foundation feted. My only observation is to slicken it up. Keep tabs on the award presenters, line em up, (but don’t shoot em down); keep the bar closed till after the event and if you’re lucky enough to win one of your own awards, do you graciously accept then graciously decline even more so by putting it back in the box and back into the bag marked ‘lucky dip’?

Fabulous dahlings . . .

Same again next year?

Trev Turley (watched via Live feed on YouTube)

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