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The King's Parade + Imogen

Wednesday 24th April 2019

The Borderline, London

A sell-out audience at The Borderline which re-opened in 2017 with a re-vamped look replete with swanky cocktail lounge, but most importantly with an improved sound and light system. This came to the fore to showcase the vocal talents of both lead singers from the acts on the bill tonight.
Olly Corpe, the lead singer of King’s Parade reveals on 'The Look' that he can croon with the best of them like blue-eyed Soul counterpart Plan B. The band has just released a new EP called 'Mad' and the latest single 'Mistakes' is the track that they choose to open-up their set. The song’s themes are about choices and their consequences; the fear of missing out as a result of one’s decisions can remain a nagging doubt. 
'Bunched Up Letters” has a Bluesy feel; 'Haze' is pure Motown and elsewhere there are shades of Prince. The band’s playing is accomplished but understated, bringing the most out of Olly’s  voice, demonstrating that their recent residency at Ronnie Scott’s has paid off. Overall their sound is decidedly Pop, which is a testament to their production values and will no doubt bring them to a wider audience.
They have already acquired a dedicated following and they managed to get the entire crowd singing along including the guy manning the merchandise table. They sign out with the title track from the EP, 'Mad' with its rousing chorus Olly demonstrates that he can also produce a gritty, Bluesy-Rock performance.
And when it comes to discussing performances, Imogen the support act’s vocals are simply stunning. She admits, as she chuckles, that most of her lyrics are sad as a preface to 'Maria' and 'White Lines', a song from their 'Faze Green' EP. Her voice betrays a delicate fragility and they finish their set with a number called 'Blood bag', where her wailing would not have been out of place on Pink Floyd’s 'Great Gig in the Sky'.
Ivan De Mello

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