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The Illegal Eagles

Monday 24th June 2024

Orchard West, Dartford

The absolute plethora of tribute bands doing the rounds has hit epidemic proportions, but one stalwart of the genre who always deliver a high-quality show are The Illegal Eagles.

The latest all-star lineup of the show, produced as ever by founder Phil Aldridge, features Tony Kiley (formerly from 80s sensation The Blow Monkeys) on drums, Trevor Newnham (Dr. Hook) vocals and bass, Greg Webb vocals and guitars, Mike Baker vocals, guitars and keys and Garreth Hicklin vocals, guitars and keys.

Playing within the confines of the temporary, and rather good to be fair, Orchard West in sunny Dartford, the band delivered all of the classics (well as many as you can physically fit into a couple of hours). Highlights aplenty played out to an embroiled audience who happily sang along to every tune making this feel more like the California hills than a rather impressive tent in the suburbs.

Each of the singers were pitch perfect and the interpretations of the songs were cleverly put together. Particular highlights were my personal favourite 'Tequila Sunrise', an exquisitely lit and sung 'Witchy Woman', 'Lyin’ Eyes', the masterpiece 'Hotel California' and the majestic encore; 'The Last Resort', but to be honest there were no weak links on the night.

Always well attended, and at a fraction of a ticket for the underperforming original band, this is a highly recommended performance fine-tuned over many years and it shows - a band enjoying themselves and delivering superb theatre, night after night; long may they soar…

Les Linyard

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