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Terry Reid

Thursday 3rd November 2016

Half Moon, Putney, London

At the iconic London venue that is the Half Moon, Putney, a sold out show with an enthusiastic crowd welcomes Terry and his band on stage. After his usual tentative opening, he soon gets locked into the groove.

All the staples of a Terry show are present and correct; 'Seed Of Memory', 'To Be Treated Right', 'Without Expression', 'Raging Storm' and of course, 'Rich Kid Blues' interspersed with anecdotes of adventures on the road with various luminaries, Keith Richards being one (whom he caught up with recently at “Oldchella”) and a smuttering of covers, 'Time Slips Away' (Willie Nelson), 'Bend In The River' (Marty Robbins) and a fabulous version of 'Don’t Worry Baby' (Beach Boys).

The four piece band (bass, drums, percussion and pedal steel) are excellent. Jennifer Maidman (bass) has a languid, fluid but funky style that is the glue that holds it all together and offers a solid foundation for Terry’s unique guitar technique. The sublime BJ Cole who offers straight ahead country pedal steel guitar or otherworldly sounds depending on the vibe needed is worth the price of admission alone. If you haven’t witnessed the majesty that is Terry Reid, it is one for your bucket list.

Steven Hancock

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