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Friday 26th October 2018

ULU Live, London

Well, it’s my first time at this venue and although the stage and area nearby feel ok, the rest of the venue does make you feel like you’re in the canteen area of the University. That apart, once Snakecharmer take to the stage you’re hooked in.

They have two albums - the debut self-titled ‘Snakecharmer’ from 2013, last year’s ‘Second Skin’ and the early Whitesnake catalogue to play from, hence the big numbers are in. From the first album, the must play ‘Accident Prone’ and ‘A Little Rock and Roll’, from the second album ‘Follow Me Under’ and ‘That Kind Of Love’ along with the Whitesnake classics ‘Ready & Willing’, ‘Crying In The Rain’ and ‘Here I Go Again’ are all executed with pure muso precision.

This set is pretty faultless, obviously due to the experience of this collection of musicians with the Paul Rodgers/Eric Martin style vocals of Chris Ousey (Heartland), Neil Murray on bass (Whitesnake etc.), Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash) guitar, Harry James (Thunder etc) drums, Simon McBride (Own Band) and tonight replacing usual keyboard man Adam Wakeman we had Rob Lindrop who pulled the Jon Lord sound back to life.

They may be restricted by their various projects, but another album could see less Whitesnake songs, although the odd one would always be welcome! Also a band of this quality deserves a better turnout, even if some punters, like me, only found out about the gig on the musical grapevine at the last minute.

Geoff C.

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