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Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Half Moon, Putney, London

We came across Shooter via the oft fickle forces of social media after following an obscure link that led us to the video of their single 'Turn It Up'. Absolutely loved it, so much so, that we posted it on our website as video of the day.

If you're going to launch an album, what better way than to play at one of the longest running and most respected music venue's in London - The Half Moon, whose very fabric has by osmosis absorbed the very essence of the bands that have played there.

The stage has been graced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, The Who, Dr Feelgood, and on the night of 22nd September 2015, by Shooter.

There was a definite party mood in the room as the assembled fans and followers waited for the band to take the stage. Mike the drummer was unfortunately suffering with a bad cold, but had dosed up with some Lem-Sip so as to be on form for the stellar night that lay ahead.

Any reservations about the guys kicking off with a song entitled 'Bad Experience' melted away as soon as the first chords were played. With it's uncomplicated foot tapping rhythm, it took us straight back to a time when music seemed always to be so much fun.

By the time the opening notes of the album's title track 'Recycled Teenagers' sounded, the feel good factor had cranked into top gear, with a great deal of exuberant audience participation.

Having been assured that Henry the Dog (on sticks), would be featuring in the next Shooter video, we weren't too disappointed that he had not shown up to reprise his performance during 'Turn It Up'.

The great tracks from the Recycled Teenagers album just kept coming, being interspersed with some brilliant covers of tracks by the likes of Dr Feelgood, The Who and Bad Company.

The band played 'Straight Shooter' that was originally written in 1978. Music is certainly a vehicle that can transport us to places no other vehicle can reach. For a brief moment in time, we were back there with the band.

All too soon the final number 'No Good Reason' was being played, with some excellent vocals and guitar by Dom.

What a great party! nobody left the venue without a big grin on their face, and of course a copy of the CD.

Recycled Teenagers?....You Bet!

Jules - Rock On The Ridge

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