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Little Devils

Thursday 14th May 2015

Tamesis Dock, London

"Thanks for braving the elements - luck of the Devils" bass guitarist Graeme Wheatley tweeted us the morning after the night before! Yes the weather was pretty crap as the WRC entourage got soaked walking along the embankment on Thursday night towards Tamesis Dock for 2014 WRC Award Winners Little Devils' album launch. The irony of the name of their new CD 'The Storm Inside' was not lost on us - but its recent critical acclaim was the carrot as we approached the Dutch Barge in torrential rain.

Needless to say the evening improved once we had a beer and Little Devil's came on stage earlier than expected at around 9pm. Another wry smile as they opened with 'Storm Warning' and despite a few sound gremlins - they professionally shrugged that off and then launched into the impressive 'Heavy Weather' (cue another wry smile) that showcased all elements of this four-piece band plus their originality with lead singer Yoka Qureshi playing both the sax and flute. The set list then correlated with the CD as they followed up with 'Wounded', 'Skin Sin', the very catchy 'Deep Inside' and 'Birth Of The Blues' - highlighting the musical (and personal) chemistry between Yoka and lead guitarist (and partner) Ray Qureshi. B.B. would have loved that one.

'A Long Time Ago' (see Vid Of The Day) introduced Graeme on vocals with Yoka complementing on flute, however, the driving force of drummer Sara Shaw as the spine of Little Devils really hit home with the ballad 'The Ghost Of Your Kiss'. Yoka's vocals were back to the fore on 'All About Love' and their single 'My Perfect You' - perhaps this was the perfect storm! The last track from 'TSI' 'Stand' was sandwiched in between Bonnie Raitt's 'Love Me Like A Man' and 'Orphans Of The Storm' from their 2009 album 'This Is How It Starts' which in hindsight was indeed prophetic given the quality of this latest release. Suffice to say those that had the pleasure of attending the gig had forgotten about the storm outside but had loved 'The Storm Inside'.


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