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Kira Mac + These Wicked Rivers + Jamie Porter Band

Sunday 4th June 2023

The Garage, London

Over such a short time, one name keeps getting louder and louder across Social Media and the music scene, so for a while now I had been looking forward to seeing one of Kira Mac's electrifying performances scheduled at The Garage in Islington, London. The last date of their current headline tour was nothing short of a powerhouse display of pure Rock 'n' Blues energy. Supported by both The Jamie Porter Band and These Wicked Rivers, the crowd were warm and ready for Kira Mac as they took the stage.

From the moment they kicked off with ‘Hit Me Again’, the crowd was hooked. The band's chemistry was palpable, with each member bringing their best and demonstrating their exceptional talent. Kira Mac, the enigmatic frontwoman, commanded the stage with her soulful vocals and captivating presence, effortlessly drawing the audience into the heart of every song.

Happy to play “The northerners down south” between songs (apparently the band have been asking Kira to talk slower as nobody can understand her – but I didn’t struggle myself!), the engagement with the crowd was expertly executed. The setlist for the evening was clearly carefully curated, showcasing the band's diverse range and musical prowess. Tracks like ‘Scorned’ and ‘Hellfire’ were delivered with intensity, showcasing their ability to infuse old-school Blues Rock with a modern edge. The crowd erupted during tracks like ‘Farewell’ and ‘Deadman’, as the band's energy filled the room.

Throughout the performance, the interplay between Kira Mac's vocals and Joe Worrall's searing guitar solos was truly mesmerising. The duo created a sonic dynamic that was both powerful and melodic. Kira spoke of their love of London, and how only eight months ago they were playing the smaller sister venue upstairs and were delighted to now be headlining the main stage.

As the evening progressed, the band's originality and creativity shone through. Songs like ‘Chaos’, ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Back for More’ demonstrated their ability to push boundaries and craft songs that were simultaneously gritty and soulful.

The encore was a fitting climax to an extraordinary night. ‘Save Your Whiskey’ captivated the audience, while ‘One Way Ticket’ brought the show to a climactic close.

Kira Mac's live concert at The Garage was an amazing view of a band on a meteoric rise. In only a short time they have been stealing headlines at larger shows and been enjoying this hugely successful live tour. They effortlessly blended the influences of old-school Rock and Blues, infusing them with a modern twist that left an indelible mark on the audience. The line up of the band perfectly complements the sound and stage presence that the band has been looking for and is striking a chord with all the right people. I can’t see what’s next from such a talented group!

Chris Griffiths


Hit Me Again
Play the Game
No Way Out
Back for More
Never Gonna Stay


Save Your Whiskey
One Way Ticket

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