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John Coghlan's Quo

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th July 2022

The Half Moon, Putney, London

After an incredible career spanning 60 years, former Status Quo drummer, John Coghlan, has finally decided to hang up his drumsticks. This was part of JC's Farewell Tour, two nights at London's The Half Moon in Putney, and, as expected, we witnessed a superb set list below.

This gave fans the opportunity to see John on stage for the last time, however JC was adamant that he was not retiring from playing drums, just touring. Apparently he wants to play Jazz instead of Quo material from now on!

With JC's band comprising of Rick Chase (bass, vocals), Mick Hughes (guitars, vocals), Pete Mace (guitar, vocals), Russ Chadd (drums, percussion) and Fi Channon (support and backing vocals), thankfully, compared to last year, both were standing gigs, which added to the overall celebratory atmosphere.

As with their set last year, John sat out quite a few of the heavier songs in the second half with Russ Chadd deputising. Quite a powerhouse drummer! John played drums on the first four songs of the set, then bongos for an acoustic set with Russ on drums and percussion.

Chadd then played drums for the second half before John returned for the last four songs and encore. Alan G. Parker guested on the second night (he directed the 2012 ‘Hello Quo!’ film), and indeed he and John talked a bit on stage about the making of the film.

Ending with the Quo Convention in Minehead on Saturday 24th September, do not miss JC's final two gigs in Aldershot and Portsmouth on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September, respectively.

Set 1:
Junior's Wailing
Something 'bout You Baby I Like
In My Chair
Pictures of Matchstick Men

Set 2:
Down the Dustpipe
Most of the Time
Spinning Wheel Blues
A Year
Lakky Lady

Set 3:
Paper Plane
Roll Over Lay Down
I Saw the Light
Little Lady
Rockers Rollin'
Big Fat Mama
Don't Waste My Time

Set 4:
(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays
Don't Drive My Car
Down Down / Bye Bye Johnny

Rockin' All Over the World

Steven C Gilbert

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