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Ian Moss

Saturday 3rd June 2023

The 100 Club, London

Ian Moss finally made his much-anticipated return to London, to huge applause!

Having planned on being back here in 2019, Covid interrupted touring, so it has been quite a wait for Moss’s highly anticipated return to the U.K. and the crowd happily, showed it at a sold out 100 Club in Soho. Indeed, the love for one of Australia’s greatest was on full display for all to see (and hear).

Here to satisfy all his Aussie fans, as well as to promote his new album, 'Rivers Run Dry', the ex-Cold Chisel guitarist and song writer had a lot to live up to. But I would say: He delivered!

I must admit to not being as quite up to speed on his latest releases, but sometimes it is quite refreshing to catch an artist that you are a little bit behind on. So to the gig:

Starting with a cracking version of 'Such A Beautiful Thing', off his debut 1989 solo album 'Matchbook', setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

'Out Of The Fire', from the same album swiftly followed on and by now, it was clear that Ian had the audience in the palm of his hand! Moving things on to some more recent material, he ploughed into 'If Another Day' from the 2018 self-titled release. 'One Long Day' followed along with Ian showing off his new guitar. The Americana that is the old Cold Chisel track 'My Baby', was on full display with a very nice keyboard solo, before moving into the more reflective 'Nullarbor Plain', with its guitar intro and solo, and some strong backing vocals on show. It bodes well for the rest of the new album.

Returning to his 2019 self-titled album with the similarly reflective 'Hold On', with a great guitar solo, he reminded us of why he has the kudos of being one of Australia's top musicians for all these years. This was followed by a tune that first appeared on his 2005 acoustic release, called 'Never Before'. 'Choir Girl', from the ‘Let’s All Get Together’ album brought things down a bit before two of the big hits closed the show.

'Telephone Booth' started the close of the show. This rockin’ number seemed like an appropriate way to start to close the show and was highly appreciated by all the Aussies present. To close the show, the powerful beat of 'Tucker’s Daughter' rocked the bowels of Oxford Street. Sounding more rockier than the original, this was still a classy way to end the show.

Avoiding the tedious walk off/walk on, end to the show, the band, Clayton Doley (keys), Zoe Hauptmann (bass), Kerry Jacobson (drums) and the excellent backing vocalist Juanita Tippins, stayed on stage and ploughed straight into 'Mr Rain', turning the clock back to 2007 along with the follow-up: 'Georgia On My Mind', featuring their wonderful Juanita, once again.

The night was suitably rounded off with his 1991 hit 'Bow River'. This was a great way to showcase all the musicians involved and rumour has it that they will feature on 'Rivers Run Dry', out on Friday 21st July.

A cracking gig by one of Australia's top artists. Loads of fun and a pleasure to have been there.

Tim Russell

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