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Huey Morgan

Saturday 4th May 2024

The 100 Club, London

Amidst the storied walls of London's iconic 100 Club, Huey Morgan, the charismatic founding member of Fun Lovin' Criminals, ignited a sold-out crowd with a night of his signature electrifying Rock and Hip Hop, wrapped up in heart and undeniable charm. With an arsenal of hits spanning decades, Morgan delivered a performance that was nothing short of legendary.

The evening began with opening act Mutant Vinyl, a two-piece from West London headed by Edwin Pope. The young star took to the stage with saxophone, samples and a keyboard, while drummer Josh Haberfield started up the beats. What followed was thirty straight minutes of incredible Funk and Jazz - Pope the consummate showman marching from side to side of the stage, adding vocals to the mix as well. A special cover of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Summertime’ stood out with special guest vocals from Penny Eau. With plaudits from the likes of Paul McCartney and Reverend and The Makers, I’ll be making a special note to see this act again this Summer.

As the set change began, another early member of FLC’s joined the stage - DJ, lap guitar and keys player Mateo DiFontaine started spinning disks with the most on-theme mix of 80’s-00’s club music, mixing tracks and fading through the greats - the audience didn’t have a chance to stop moving.

From the moment Morgan stepped onto the stage, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. The crowd, partisan and eager, erupted into cheers as Morgan kicked off the night with the iconic riff of The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’. It was a fitting opener, setting the tone for a journey through his illustrious career.

Throughout the evening, Morgan showcased his prowess as both a musician and a showman. Tracks like ‘Loco’ and ‘Back on the Block’ had the audience swaying and singing along, their energy feeding into Morgan's own infectious enthusiasm. With each strum of his guitar and every soulful lyric, he commanded the stage with effortless charisma, holding the audience in the palm of his hand. The screaming riff of ‘Loco’, combined with the perfect solo over the end of the track also showed Morgan’s often overlooked mastery of the six-string.

As the setlist unfolded, highlights emerged one after another. ‘Scooby Snacks’ elicited raucous cheers, while ‘Up On The Hill’ transported listeners to the streets of New York City with its gritty, urban groove. The anthemic ‘King of New York’ was a standout moment, with Morgan's rich vocals soaring over the crowd of the packed venue. The new band were on perfect form, made up of King on bass, Ben Gonzalez on drums, Adrian Gautrey sleazing up the Hammondand Difontaine bringing the samples and keys that complete the full round sound.

Yet, it wasn't just the hits that captivated the audience. Tracks like ‘Methadonia’ and ‘Mini Bar Blues’ showcased Morgan's versatility as a songwriter, delving into themes both poignant and introspective. Each song was delivered with conviction and soul, resonating deeply with the crowd.

As the main set drew to a close, Morgan left the stage to thunderous applause, only to return moments later for an unforgettable encore. ‘Korean Bodega’ and ‘Shaniqua’ kept the energy levels soaring, while ‘Fall Into Me’ offered a moment of intimacy amidst the frenzy. Closing out the night with ‘All The Time In The World’, Morgan left the crowd in a state of euphoria, their cheers echoing long after the final notes had faded.

Morgan's performance was nothing short of spectacular. Touting himself as “The Original Fun Lovin’ Criminal”, it’s easy to see how he stands head and shoulders over the tribute band using the same name. With a setlist packed with hits old and new, he proved once again why he's one of the most beloved figures in Rock, and again in comparison, shows the level of heart and soul needed in a frontman. For the lucky fans in attendance, it was a night to remember - a celebration of music, community, and the enduring legacy of Fun Lovin' Criminals, but for Huey Morgan, it was redemption - a night of affirmation and soul that shows he’s still the best.

As with other parts of the evening, we fade out to the chants: “Huey! Huey! Huey!”…

Chris Griffiths

The Fun Lovin’ Criminal
Back on the Block
Up On The Hill
King of New York
The View Belongs to Everyone
Love Unlimited
I Can’t Get With That
Scooby Snacks
Smoke Em
Mini Bar Blues
Come Find Yourself
Big Night Out

Korean Bodega
Fall Into Me
All The Time In The World

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