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Goodbye June + Wolf Jaw

Tuesday 29th October 2019

Colours, Hoxton, London

Colours, formerly known as Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, is an apt name if stage lighting is anything to go by tonight’s performances that were accompanied by a veritable kaleidoscope of hues.
Goodbye June are a family-affair formed by three cousins in the wake of the tragic death of the lead guitarist’s Tyler Baker’s brother who passed away in the month of June. There is no mistaking their Nashville roots from their bourbon-soaked sound to their Country music-inspired leather with tassels attire. But this isn’t sentimental Country, this is music with a harder edge and Loudon Milbourn high-octane vocal style could compete with Axl Rose when it comes to scale and pitch.
'Anyway The Wind Blows' starts off in a slow-burning manner and then segues into an extended medley taking in 'Bad Things', 'Be Yourself' and 'Lonely Beautiful People', which has mood changes from slide to a soaring Gilmour-esque guitar with reverb, expertly handled by Tyler Baker, accompanied by wistful harmonising and whistling which epitomises the band. 'Good Side' is obviously a crowd favourite, whereas 'Daisy' is a Folksy number which signals a different direction and a sign of things to come. This is a group at its most compelling when leaving the Hard-Rock clichés behind and start blending the genres.
Wolf Jaw is a band that means business, especially when (as our resident photographer points out) the bass player, Dale Tonks, has an amp the size of a refrigerator. Showcasing their latest album 'The Heart Won’t Listen' their heavy, Doomy Rock style invokes Black Sabbath and it is no surprise that they cover 'War Pigs' without any discernible change in mood. The set wouldn’t be complete without some serious shredding from lead guitar/vocalist Tom Leighton. It was good to speak to the lead singer after the gig at the merch table and receive a good recommendation in the singer/songwriter Heather Leoni - one to watch out for folks!
Ivan De Mello

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