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Evil Scarecrow

Friday 29th October 2021

The Cluny, Newcastle

If you Google “10 things to do before you die”, you will see things like Travel around the world; Run a marathon; Go Scuba diving; Swim with Dolphins etc. Well, it should also say Go and see Evil Scarecrow on tour, in a small venue. I have written to Google to rectify their lists.

Now, I have seen these guys at Bloodstock three times now, including this year’s headline slot on The Sophie Lancaster stage. One of their previous claims to fame is they are the only band to get around 10,000 hungover Metalheads out of their beds, someone else’s bed, or up from wherever they fell the night before, to open Bloodstock main stage. So, could they pull it off in Newcastle, could they pack out The Cluny on a night when the city had the legendary Mad Axeman Michael Schenker playing at the O2? Happily, I will say, No. However, the Cluny only holds a maximum of 300, including artists and crew and as the stage area is long and thin with a raised bar area, 300 people would be very sardine like and claustrophobic, but it was the fullest I have seen it for years.

I can’t imagine anyone reading this hasn’t heard of Evil Scarecrow, but just in case, picture this. If Monty Python, blended with The Goodies playing Thrash Metal with an audience like those who attend The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you would be somewhere near the mark. They, along with Lawnmower Deth must be the two bands every festival must have every year. They don’t take themselves seriously to say the very least, although they really are damned good musicians, but the tomfoolery, the ‘Blue Peter’ cardboard, “Here’s one we made earlier”, type props, make them simply a band you must see. Even more so if you are game for some audience participation.

Now Iron Maiden have currently released their latest album, 'Senjutsu, a Japanese based album. Probably, but coincidentally, The Scarecrows base part of this tour on the Japanese art of Dojo. I really can’t imagine seeing 70,000 people at Download 2022 willing someone on, using 10ft chopsticks, to catch a fly in the middle of their set, although I would love to see it (come on Maiden, keep up). Not going to spoil it, but think of The Karate Kid and go and see a show.

Spaceships flying overhead, flying cows, captive Aliens on stage, the show changes with every track, and of course they have to play their now notorious audience participation anthems, 'Robototron', 'Hurricanado', 'Antartarctica' and obviously the ridiculous, but stupidly brilliant Crabulon. If you have seen them before, you have an idea of what’s coming, but it doesn’t lose anything, it is still enjoyable and funny time and time again.

If you do go and see them, this will be the best thing you will do this year and a real pick me up antidote for the gloomy Covid scenario we find the world in now. 90 minutes or so, of absolute fun and enjoyment.

Long live the Scarecrows, long live Aliens, long live the stupidity, now, Ich habe Space Dementia.

Tony Burgum

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