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Bruce Springsteen

Sunday 5th June 2016

Wembley Stadium, London

There’s something about a Springsteen concert that is different to any other – it doesn’t matter if it is your first time or your 100th, the expectation is there hours before The Boss hits the stage. Added to that on this occasion was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and all the ingredients were there for a festival style evening.

There’s no point in trying to convert anyone to the virtues of Springsteen they are there for all to see – regular followers know he will take to the stage with little fanfare and deliver around 4 hours of Springsteen magic. The great thing is that no two concerts are the same except for the fact it is clear that even at the age of 66 he still has boundless energy, amazing enthusiasm and a genuine love for his fans new or old. Tonight was to be no different as he engaged continuously and at close quarters with the fans who adore him. I detected that The Boss may not have been very well but did he moan about it - not once because it was the fans night out and nothing was going to spoil that.

So at 6.15pm The Boss enters the arena with no fanfare and of course no support – who needs another band – and promptly reels off 33 tracks from his immense back catalogue often without stopping to take a bow between songs – astonishing. I don’t intend giving a blow by blow description of each song - there is no need to as we all know he plays tracks from the oldest to the newest album – he has never been stuck in the past and is as current today as he ever was. I witnessed this when he sang songs from newer albums that I was not totally familiar with but the youngster's around me immediately joined in with. Added to that was the side of Springsteen we all know and love as he invited a young girl on to the stage to sing with him – the look on her face said it all and as her poster said she has school tomorrow and you can imagine what she would be talking about. The Boss then invited a new band on stage to play 'Dancing in the Dark' with him – these guys were a tad older than the young girl but they reacted like kids let loose in a candy store.

And so before you knew it, the final strains of 'Thunder Road' died over Wembley Stadium and the Boss reluctantly left the stage. He may not have played 'Born in the USA', which although a shame, shows the stature of the man as most other artists would be booed off if they didn’t play arguably their most iconic song – not this guy - he is too big for just one song.


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