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Blacktop Deluxe + Loose Moorings

Saturday 14th February 2015

Fiddler's Elbow, Chalk Farm, London

Blacktop Deluxe and Loose Moorings rode into Chalk Farm on Valentine's night with only one thing in mind and it wasn't romance!! This was their chance to show the Capital what they are all about and boy did they do that.

Loose Moorings were using this gig to launch their new album Loose Moorings II and they were in no mood to ease in gently. Ironically they opened with my favourite track off their first album - the classic 'Think I'd Be Blue' and that set the tone for their set which included all but two tracks off the new album. I could wax lyrical about so many of the songs in their set because they were all quality but I have a soft spot for the first track they sent me - namely 'Ride' which made the decision to book them very easy. Other highlights for me were 'Magpie' and a trip to the dark side with 'A Crazy Sane'. Guys we took a punt on you - you said you wouldn't let us down and you didn't - love the album and looking forward to you supporting Virgil and the Accelerators on Saturday 1st May.

Next up were Blacktop Deluxe who had made the 'short' trip from Cornwall after a gig last night!! Jet Lag didn't show however as they launched into their set which is full of road driven Blues Rock. Don't imagine though that the band are one dimensional - far from it. Mixing their own material from the superb 'Turn Up Be Nice Play Hard' album (which sums them up perfectly by the way) with classic tracks such as 'Hoochie Coochie Man', 'Crossroads' and the brilliant Led Zep classic 'When the Levee Breaks' - the set never left you with the feeling they are just filling in with certain numbers. Add in the heart wrenching tribute to guitarists who are no longer with us in 'Another Man Down' and you have the perfect mix - a quality set from a band that are very much on the up and deservedly so!! Next time these guys are in town do yourself a favour and go and see them.

Last but not least AJ and myself would like to thank both bands for all the work they put in to the evening, not only on the night, but in their efforts to promote the gig. It's a pity that, considering how far the bands had travelled, that the locals couldn't be bothered to turn out :(


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