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Black Orchid Empire

Thursday 21st September 2017

The Anvil, Bournemouth

Having returned from seeing the mighty Foo Fighting machine this week I was really looking forward to a calmer evening when Black Orchid Empire returned to the Anvil Rock Bar in Bournemouth last night. The calm turned to excitement at meeting first hand some of the nicest and hugely talented guys in the resurging British Rock scene. Its easy to forget what musicians have to go through to get to where they want to be today but this band combines its great expertise to give its audience something they’ll never forget…. and leave wanting more.

Take to the stage and these guys transform a thunderous character change almost leaving you transfixed on what comes next. Paul Visser's voice has you going through a roller coaster of senses from clarity to gravely combining his huge talent for captivating his audience with endless energy and lead guitar riffs to blow your mind. Backed up with a huge powerhouse sound from Dave Ferguson on bass/supporting vocals and Billy “the real deal” Freedom on drums is enough to make your ears bleed as you cry for more.

Their music could leave you immediately identifiable with likes of Foos – Royal Blood – Muse – Deftones and dare I say a little Evanescence but all with Melody – Power – Beauty and Ferocity that is Black Orchid Empire. Their album 'Archetype' gives you something from all of your favourite bands and is very likely to start their road to super stardom. If you want to surprise any of your Rock friends and relatives with a little “gem” for Christmas then they may well be thanking you for giving them a BOE CD of 'Archetype'!

Don't however miss any chance of seeing BOE live in some of these very intimate venues as I can see their ticket sales going up when they come to a festival near you in the Summer. One of the best rock musical experiences you will ever have and I for one will be looking forward to seeing more of this hugely talented band.

Wrinkly The Silver Fox

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