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Anchor Lane

Thursday 30th January 2020

 The Black Heart, Camden, London

Have you heard the one about the Scottish, Welsh and English band playing on the same bill... well that was the line-up this evening at the Black Heart. Glaswegians, Anchor Lane took this opportunity to launch their much-lauded new album 'Casino', a name chosen because they gave up their jobs to risk going "All in" and recording this debut.

Opening with an ominous, broody track similar in feel to a Black Rebel Motorcycle club tune, 'Dead Run' is about addiction, and set in motion an extremely fast-paced shorter set, a bit like listening to the opening four tracks of the Foo Fighters 'One by One' album. This is a band that just doesn't do slow-tempo.

Their guitar sound reminded me of Rage against the Machine married to the vocal influence of Soundgarden. Even the failed attempts of lead guitarist Lawerence O'Brien to play with his teeth (not realising he has unplugged his guitar in the process) with no sound coming out failed to quell the enthusiasm!

They concluded with 'Fame Shame' a song about the present vapid obsession with Reality TV and social media, touching on the same themes as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' but will need to watch themselves because performances like these may see them having a brush with the fame.

Ivan De Mello

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